Whatever your reasons for seeking property valuations, we can provide you with precise and easy to understand information to make the best decisions regarding your property. You may need a valuation for one of these purposes:

  • Buying or Selling
  • Renovating or Building
  • Investing
  • Matrimonial Valuations and Dividing Assets
  • Insurance – Please note that recent changes have been made to Residential Replacement Insurance
  • Compensation and Acquisition
  • Subdivision and Redevelopment Analysis
  • Progress Payments/Completion Certificates
  • Finance

Our Valuation Process

Our valuation reports are in accordance with standards, IVSC, NZIV and PINZ and as preferred by banks and other lending institutions.

A detailed explanation of the Valuation Process and Report Content is available.

How long will it take and what will it cost me?

Our standard turnaround time for a valuation is between 7-15 working days from confirmation of valuation request.

Our fees range depending on the type of job, dwelling, value, urgency etc. We will provide you with a quote at time of instruction.