It is the responsibility of the home owner to know the full replacement cost of their home, and to agree this with their insurer. This will make certain that the home is reinstated to a modern equivalent home including grounds. The home owner is left in a position that is no less or no greater than their original position.

Through an inspection by one of our Valuers, home owners will know:

  • Building construction materials
  • Age of home
  • Gross floor area of the home and ancillary areas
  • Contour of the land impacting significantly on foundation and engineering costs
  • Site accessibility
  • Ancillary areas and items including decks, verandas, inground swimming pools, sheds, retaining walls, driveways and paving, and fencing to boundaries

An insurance valuation will provide an estimate of cost to:

  • Reinstate all improvements
  • Building cost inflation during the insurance period
  • Demolition costs, which factors in transportation and disposal of materials

Townshend Cullen Associates Registered Valuers are qualified to carry out a valuation based on industry knowledge and ongoing research of costs within the construction industry.

All Registered Valuers are members of the Property Institute for New Zealand, and are governed by the Valuers Act 1948.